The Three Minstrels

by The Three Minstrels

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The Three Minstrels - "The Three Minstrels"
Overlook Hotel Records R237-012

©2015 The Three Minstrels

Many thanks to Ann May for her lovely backing vocals and to Alii Bartoldus for the beautiful artwork.

What began as a fun challenge of writing songs inspired by artists\styles that we enjoy turned into this disparate collection of tunes I am very proud of. I would like to personally thank Andrew and Joe for years of great music, inspiration, fun challenges, patience & understanding, sharp wit, and for teaching me quite a few things along the way. - Kevin Hartnell


released November 28, 2015

Andrew May · Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, ▲
Joe Bartoldus - Guitars, Keys, , Percussion, Vocals
Kevin Hartnell · Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Ann May - Backing Vocals, Spoken Words on "Tornado"
MJ Hartnell - Spoken Words on "The Witch's Shadow"

All songs written by The Three Minstrels.
Produced and arranged by Kevin Hartnell and The Three Minstrels.

Mixed by The Three Minstrels and mastered by Hector the Rat at the Overlook Hotel.

Artwork and design by Alii Bartoldus for Overlook Hotel Records. For more information, please visit:



all rights reserved


The Three Minstrels Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Odin's Prayer
Hear the war cry
For Odin's horse
The axe fall
His mighty steed slows
apace with the muddy green slopes

Where Odin faced the dead

Kill as you might
slash with delight
No mercy
No quarter till the last
drop of your hand
Leave the Devil to moan
You took his throne
Evil stood strong this day

If the mighty King expires
Odin's prayer has passed

Now that Odin lit the fire
His prayer will never last

A. May
Track Name: When Three Minstrels Come
There is a party a feast to share
Where maidens dance oh so bawdy
The villains backs are scarred
They owe their lord his black heart
The great hall's decked in holly and ivy
The walls replayed a shivaree

La da do la da dee a do la do da do
When three minstrels come to town

Twas on Michelmas they rode on their black ass
towards the party
Kev raised up his robes
To show the maidens ecstasy
Jebidiah Joe was much too slow
His hands were still on that black ass
When Bull came in
With his monsters grin awry

When three minstrels come
When three minstrels come to town
Lock up your daughters
These men play too hard

Les femmes de ménage près pour voir (The maids came close to see)
Quels sons de la joie et l'extase (What sounds of delight and ecstasy)

Lorsque ménestrels trois viennent (When three minstrels come)
Lorsque ménestrels trois viennent (When three minstrels come)
de la ville (come to town)
Lorsque ménestrels trois viennent (When three minstrels come)
Verrouiller vos files (Lock up your daughters)

When three minstrels come
When three minstrels come to your town

A. May
Track Name: The Witch's Shadow
All through the lonely wood
she traipsed gently
Caressing the pools of light
that flicker through the tree tops of the morning dew

The witch's shadow
The cat remains she has no fear of her at all
The witch's shadow
Casts a pale remains of life for your remorse
The witch's shadow

All through the morning sights
I tread carefully
Aware of the shadows eye
It flickers for forgiveness but only pain resides

The witch's shadow
The fact remains to see if she can be it all
Her face is sallow
She casts a pale facade to you of her remorse
The witch's shadow
has no thoughts

As dark falls will we be right
I step wary
Aware of the shadows eyes
It flickers for forgiveness but only pain resides

A. May
Track Name: Tornado
My old man said
all good things

come with sugar and a touch of spice
What he didn't know was you're no sugar pie
You sure ain't no sugar cream puff pie

Watch out when she takes her breathe
What comes out next you'll both regret

She'll unleash her, her Tornado
A Tornado
She's just a windstorm at night
My little Tornado
I love her
Even when she blows so bad
Aint no other who can
Rectify this man

She be a Tornado
She be a Tornado

A. May
Track Name: The Call of the Sea
Into the deep sea
Where time will always trickle down
You pulled me in to sea
Your arms wrapped up and drug me down

The waters kiss prevailed my toes
The darkness hid your deepest woes
I was too scared to swim into your heart
So back to shore I go

Into the deep sea
Where life lets go and holds you down
Into the waves you breath
Her arms wrapped up and drug you down

She keeps calling me to sea
All the darkened things she hid from me
The water bubbles up around her heart
So back to shore I go

Into the blue you grieve
It's life conspires to hold you down
One last breathe you breath
Her arms wrapped up and drug you down

A. May
Track Name: An Ocean Apart
The first kiss of the waves takes you
Climbing over hills in the ocean
Till you disappear from my
Tear soaked view

Now we're just an ocean apart
Our love's flotsam and jetsam
Walking off with the wild tide
White horsies have you now

Oh the beauty of you
Is washed deep in the blue
Must I live my life this way
Oceans apart
And my broken heart
Sinks beneath the waves

What would you do if love sailed from you
Would you jump in and try to swim
Would you wait for the next ship
And watch the sunset fade
On your love that's now an ocean apart
Oh you're sinking
Ever deeper into the blue

Now we're an ocean apart
I sit here beyond the waves
And flick sand into the waters gaze
My love's an ocean apart
I dip my toe to feel her wake
We're an ocean apart
My love cries through a howling hurricane
Damn we're an ocean apart
I miss you when the tide goes out for days

A. May
Track Name: Out The Dorian
You're out the dorian
But your mode is the same
You'll never learn my son
unless you take the blame

Oh don't you see my son
All that you can hold
Will slip one day

You're under the covers
You think I don't know
But there's chocolate all over your paws

Don't you know
I can see you no matter what you do

And so you see my son
One day
All I could do

Put you out the dorian
Tell the key to change

You know I'll still be here when you fall down
But ain't you sick and tired of getting off the ground

You're out the dorian
I'm tired of this game

So you see my son
All I could ever do
Is love you
Like you know I do

It drives me crazy when I see you down
I want to hold you but I must let you fall now

You're out the dorian
My tears won't save

I hope I see my son
Before I ever lose you

A. May
Track Name: Raga Raja
Some dance to firelight cascading to end
Whilst others see starlight The ocean she bends
It's the free love we sow The lust we all throw To the sands of time
To the gods of debauched divine To the semblance of moral decline

They say you were a prisoner
Lust had your eyes
He was disguised as your long lost friend
All that it brought you
Was more than you could ever chew
Much More than you could digest

Purple fishes drink from slippers full of rye Orange kisses smelt their passion on my eyes I see your horny facade is no disguise
You want my honey drenched orchid stem Don't you darling Don't you

Raga Raja
Raga Raja
Raga Raja
Raga Raja

Lust can't deliver you
But love can survive if you let it in
Your heart
Your soul is nothing without love's home
And the peace it brings

A. May
Track Name: Midway Junction
They Say it starts before you know
A simple truth we all must know
As you leave the path ahead dissolves

This time
I'm the one to offend

But Baby
I chased a lover's dream
Down the path I went
Only to pretend
I'm too old to defend
My selfish silly mind
I left you in the
Midway Junction of our lives

This time
Surely I must mend

The question is
Which way do I bend
Whichever way I go
I've lost another friend
So Lovely
Two cards I want to hold
But I must play a hand
My poker face won't hold
The Midway Junction of my life

This time
Will mice turn into men

I always thought I'd never go
Through so much trouble, what did I know
The road ahead it never showed
Maybe I was blind

All this bloody time

A. May
Track Name: Drones We Are
Falling into the sensation
like a lifeless drone I lead
past the bridge towards the station
my umbrella
Always counts the
Always counts the beat
Click one, two, three.

Faceless drones we are competing
Lifeless minds we never breathe
Daily we look for libations
to ease the pain
Always take the
Always take the fee
I said always
Always take the
Take the life from me

People are drones
You never know what they're feeling
It could be lies
Their thin disguise won't believe me
For they are drones
Forever told what to see
They are drones to me
Drones to me

Don't you think I
Know ways
You won't debate
Your ways
It's just too late
for me

A. May
Track Name: The Last Time / Losing You
"The Last Time"

When you took my hand in yours
Told me all your words were true
I believed you
I believed you
And when you said you’d never leave
Always be there by my side
I believed you
I believed you

Now everything is lost and there’s no place left to go
I wait here in the corner hoping you will show
You should know that I will always love you
Even though it’s just a waste of time

I sit here in the darkness
in our empty home
I need you
I need you
I can’t take it anymore
This is the last time I will say that
I need you
I need you

Now everything is lost and there’s no place left to go
I wait here in the corner hoping you will show
You should know that I will always love you
Even though it’s just a waste of time

K. Hartnell


"Losing You"

You silly fool look what you do I'm sure you can't hide anymore
Put all your troubles in a canvas bag and pray Life doesn't beat you up no more

Because We're
Losing you
My god
We're Losing you
All the time

And that's shame of your life
They say Polley took all that you ever had
Your guitar, your songs and your rights

And now were
Losing You
My god
We're Losing You
All this time

Why'd you leave when there still was time
Don't you know love can always revive
Please take my hand and come on down

Before we're
Losing You
My god
We're losing you

A. May
Track Name: What's The Fuss?
Have you ever seen the full moon
Turn circles on your eyes
What's the point if you remember
All that's cast in the dye

A fools forgiveness
Lasts but one day
A lovers kiss
Tastes so divine
Please excuse me
While I clear my mind
All this fuss and ado
Has me turning awful blind

Have you ever cried for help
Only to be lonesome and to find
You're not alone in this old world
But you sure feel like you're denied

All hate is a pointless lie
It always takes your life
What's the fuss amongst y'all
I'm a cat with nine damn lives
I'm a rabbit with a lucky soul
What's the Fuss
What's the Fuss
You're sharp Aint you
What's the fuss Y'all
You can't loose
What's the Fuss
You're too damn sharp too brood

Have you ever taken pride
Too far past the goal
What's the point if she did cry
Did you fell like a real man
That stole all her lovely heart

What the fuss if you're a fool
Who can't see the real love inside of you What's the fun if you're no good
You pretend to be listening but you're just no good What's the Fuss, What's the Fuss with you What's the Fuss with you
What's the Fuss
What's the Fuss
What's the Fuss with you You're aint sharp you fool

A. May
Track Name: Anthracisity
All alone
That's where you deceive your troubled mind
Distorts all you should see through crazy eyes

In the deepest, darkest beast you will find
Some relief from all the pain you devise
For you are shallow and your thoughts will dissolve
Like acid falling on the love you try to hold on

You're Anthracisity
Black coal is your heart
It sparks hates fire on
You're Anthracisity
Spite is what you love
You're Anthracisity
Spite is what you love

Oh Mother
Why do I do wrong My heart is sore
for I have loved someone But she cares no more
I put my troubles on her door and now she's gone
I shouldn't have lied

A. May
Track Name: Whale Tooth Ivory
A likely lad when I left home
Still drenched in milk no wench had I spoiled
No end of trouble did I found
The sea life I am bound

Set sail me lads weigh up let's go
Astern of troubles leeward fro
Leave your mothers on the pier
Adventure's where we go

The Katie Leigh was my first command
A sturdy whaler she held at hand
The weather turned a nasty snarl
The chase was on at last

Ten years or more we sailed for shore
Our backs were scarred from the sun that bore
Downtrodden men we chased the dream
Of whale tooth ivory

So now we sail towards the bead
Our minds are set our knives are sheathed
Be patient men, takes time to see
The trail of the monster we seek

Sixteen men three crates of rum
One harpoon beats a murderer's drum
We brace ourselves for evils stare
And sink it deep down in his oily hide

Old Kev cried out "I have a hold"
Its tail struck out and near sunk us all
Joe unsheathed his knife and cut the load
Before this watery Bull had us all

Take us home oh south bound breeze
Find the shore for we are weak
Ten years or more we've sailed for shore
The whale's tooth had us all

A. May
Track Name: Over The Hill
Over the hill, over the hill
there is a place quiet and still.
Time passes by ever so slow.
Yet time passes by, and everyone goes.

Once I was young, once I was strong.
My life before me, the whole world to see.
People and places do come and go.
Friends and lovers I used to know.

Now that I'm old, and no time to spend
My traveled road has come to an end.
Over the hill, yes I'm over the hill.
The time has now come to say farewell.

K. Hartnell